FFXIV Best Ways to Level up

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This page will tell you the best ways to help you level up in FFXIV. These ways are also promoted by gamers. Let's check the best leveling ways briefly below.




Levelling roulette.

You only get a shit ton of exp once a day but still worth doing it. Roulettes are better than Palace of the Dead with the downside of only being available once a day. If you only pop on for an hour or two a day, do roulettes. If you're gonna play for a few hours and want to powerlevel, then do POTD after roulettes.



It has been heard that this method gives good exp in the higher up floors (51+). When you get bored of other ways, you can do POTD to level.



Levequests are a good levelling method especially if you are doing the ones from the main cities, I'm not sure how good the exp is though as I only level crafters using this method but im sure it will be similar.


Hunting log

Hunting log gives good exp for the lower levels but after it isnt as effective.



FATEs are a good source of exp if you are doing FATEs that are around your level, if you are levelling from 40-50 I recommend you do FATEs from Coerthas and Northern Than (and maybe Mor Dhona). 51 - 53 I recommend doing Coerthas Western 53-55 Dravanian Forelands, etc etc. You can sometimes find FATE parties in party finder for relic depending on what server you are on.


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