Fully Guide to Fortnite Heavy Shotgun

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Our Fortnite: Battle Royale Heavy Shotgun guide consists of damage stats and tricks to make it easier to master this new weapon. A brand-new Shotgun is now live in Fortnite: Battle Royale and we reckon it has the perspective to shake up the game tremendously. It is named the Heavy Shotgun, and that indicates just about every blast from this beefy weapon will deliver an immense volume of damage. Now U4GM shares with you Fully Guide to Fortnite Heavy Shotgun. U4GM as a professional Fortnite Items website offers secure, fast and low-priced Fortnite Weapons for you. With more than ten years of excellence, we've served a large number of buyers. Should you are hesitating exactly where to buy Fortntite Materials, U4GM might be a very good selection.



We're currently working with quite limited data about this weapon, but we do know that the Heavy Shotgun has the higher range than all other Shotguns at present inside the game. It's also primarily based around the SPAS12 that is semi-automatic and capable of rattling off shots in rapid succession. It is primarily an amped-up version from the well known Tactical Shotgun!


Beneath we've place collectively everything you'll need to know concerning the new Heavy Shotgun and we'll update this page with all the most up-to-date as quickly as we know more!


Heavy Shotgun: Overview

Here are all the things we know so far regarding the Heavy Shotgun, as well as a healthful dose of speculation. Count on an enormous update once it goes reside later on at midday!


Crucial Information


It's got a greater range than all the other Shotguns inside the game.

It is possible to only acquire this weapon in Chests and Supply Crates.

Whilst it may have the larger variety, it won't be ridiculously overpowered in this regard. You'll still have to get up close and individual to deliver large harm.

It's primarily based around the SPAS12, a really effective semi-automatic shotgun.

It is Fortnite's 1st Legendary Shotgun. This implies it's readily available in both Epic and Legendary flavors.

If anything, we are able to see this weapon getting utilized by all players who encounter it, thinking of how strong Shotguns are inside the game all around.


Heavy Shotgun Suggestions and Tricks



Here are a handful of pointers to assist you to get up and operating with the Heavy Shotgun.


We'll expand on this significantly when the Heavy Shotgun launches, so remain tuned for an imminent update!


When firing the Heavy Shotgun, ensure that you're receiving up close and individual for optimal damage.

Do not be afraid to jump about when you are engaged in a duel with yet another opponent, as it'll make you tougher to hit at closer proximity.

Even with a Shotgun, concentrate on hitting the head for those who possibly can. Should you land your shot just proper, you are able to potentially take out an enemy with a single blast.

It is vital that you land your shots, so attempt and take that added half-second to line up your crosshair prior to blasting a person. Miss and it could cost you, dear, so be patient!

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