Lost Ark Guide: Flame Fox Yoho Raid

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If you're hitting a wall fighting Flame Fox Yoho, look no further than this guide to tackle this Lost Ark raid.


Lost Ark Guide: Flame Fox Yoho Raid


  • Special Moves
  • Yoho attack patterns
  • Combat Items


Firefox Yoho is the third tier 2 Guardian of the Lost Ark of the infamous Guardian raids and is also one of the few Guardians that was changed in the March 3rd balance patch, as Yoho used to be pretty absurdly survivable. Players must upgrade their item level to at least 540 through enchanting to counter this.


Now Flame Fox Yoho has become a bit more tolerant as a Guardian, and people are finally taking notice of the Burning Soul trick many of his attacks are based on. So let's see how Yoho attacks, how to counter him, and what to use against him to come out victorious.



How to defeat him in Lost Ark?

So, how exactly have you been going to defeat Flame Fox Yoho? First off is the Guardian, which is almost entirely based around DoT burns, fire attacks, and environmental hazards. With that in mind, defeating Firefox Yoho easily and consistently requires a little more focus on dodging attacks and threats and less emphasis on pure DPS racing. The rest of the Flame Fox Yoho is pretty straightforward. At least it's not Titanos.



Special Tricks

Let's look at all the tricks you'll want to pay attention to when fighting Firefox Yoho, as knowing them ahead of time should make the fight a lot easier.

  • Burn: Almost all Flame Fox Yoho's attacks apply a burning status effect, with each stack dealing progressively more damage over time, up to twenty stacks in total.
  • Flaming Soul: This is an attack buff that Flame Fox Yoho applies along with the Flaming debuff. Most of the time, they go hand in hand, but not every time, so keep an eye on which attacks inflict this buff and which ones burn.
  • Environmental Hazards: Flame Fox Yoho constantly sets the ground on fire, which might quickly add a bunch of stacks for your burning impact within a few seconds. You will want to maintain a close eye on the arena itself and ensure you don't stand from the fires.
  • Blue Flame: This fire kitsune also has a flame necklace floating around its neck that you need to keep an eye on. After his Stagger Check, you'll notice that some of those flames have turned blue. It's a measure of how close Yoho is to his Enraged Form, and so if almost all of the pets are blue, you'll want to try to hit him as quickly as possible the next time his Stagger Check appears.



Yoho Attack Patterns

Now let's look at all of Flame Fox Yoho's attacks. Keep in mind that no official resource would name all these attacks, so we called and tagged them ourselves. However, they all have very different telegraphs, so it should be easy to tell them apart.

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Combat Items To Bring

And finally, let's look at what combat items will be helpful in this campaign to defeat Yoho! Yes, you should use combat items at this point in the game, even if it seems like everyone else is trying to keep them as long as possible. Will not be the single man or woman on the workforce set up for your match who isn't going to use flares or potions and eats up the many respawns when they could have conveniently prevented it. Now, as for fight goods, you ought to get with you:

  • HP Potions: It's a given, but it should still be said.
  • Flares: Scarred Crimson Land is one of the most extensive Guardian Raid maps, so it's always worth taking them.
  • Panacea: Great for getting rid of burning stacks when they get too high, and you don't have a support class at your party.
  • Whirlwind Grenades: Perfect for effortlessly passing Yoho's stagger check.
  • Protective Potions: Grants a shield for fifteen percent of your maximum health for eight seconds, which is excellent for countering Scorch stacks.
  • Pheromone Bombs: Fantastic time saver as Yoho can move two or three times on average, but Yoho's "message"; is because it's a little hard to see when he runs away. Just seek out when the damage numbers flip into "Invincible." Alternatively, quit it.


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