Lost Ark, how to optimize chaos dungeons?

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Since your arrival at level 50, you miss between 4 and 5% of the rewards in the chaos dungeon on Lost Ark. Follow the guide to optimize your daily runs. Chaos Dungeons are a central part of leveling up to iLvl in Lost Ark, But did you know that there are optimal methods to earn more components and Lost Ark gold? If you weren't aware, don't panic, we'll explain how to optimize chaos dungeons in the following lines.



What is a chaos dungeon?

If you don't know, Chaos Dungeons are repeatable dungeons that unlock once you reach level 50 on Lost Ark.

This will be your primary source for collecting refining components daily. You can only have features to level your iLvl twice per day. Beyond that, you collect alternative materials to exchange with a merchant.




How to optimize a chaos dungeon?

You have undoubtedly already asked yourself the question while doing your dungeons. Do you have to completely clear the levels before taking the portal to the next level? You would lose around 4-5% rewards per dungeon if you did.

On Reddit, a Korean player under the handle Jay_Ong gives us a guide to optimizing your chaos dungeons. Lost Ark has been available in Korea since 2019. Veteran players have valuable information to share with us.

In this guide, we will detail two methods.

  • The first is more straightforward and faster, less hassle, and will allow you to exceed 100% virtually.
  • The second requires exact control of the percentages to increase and will allow you to have an elite. In addition, they are the ones who bring in the most materials. This will be the most lucrative method but the most difficult to achieve.

As we will detail, the percentage at the top left is significant. This gauge increases according to the number of monsters killed. The more you kill, the higher the meter until you reach 100%. Once complete, the dungeon ends immediately, even if you still have a plethora of monsters to kill in front of you. The goal is to avoid that.



First method: exceed 100%

This first method will allow you to increase your earnings slightly. You have to get used to finishing the third level this way to collect more materials.


Level 1 :

Kill monsters slowly and stop at 17-18% as soon as the portal appears. Take it straight to the second level.


Level 2 :

You will have to kill seven elites and a boss at this level. The little monsters give you very little. They are the ones that give you the vast majority of your refining components.

Gather the three elites together, and cast your awakening ability to raze the monsters on your screen. Because, as you know, killing an elite gives you back some of your CDs and even that of your awakening skill. Repeat on the boss to get your Awakening Skill CD again.

When the boss dies, jump directly to the third level.


Level 3:

In this level, several crystals will appear, and with each destroyed crystal, an elite will seem with monsters. You have three crystals to beat at this level (4 if you follow the below method).

Try to kill monsters and elites up to 98-99%. At this point, stop everything and gather all the monsters in the room in a corner.

Use your most powerful skill to kill all the monsters in the level in one shot and thus virtually exceed the 100% limit. By grouping all the monsters at the very end and killing them together, depending on how many are left, they can earn you around 5% and thus virtually exceed 100%. Don't forget your loot before leaving the dungeon.



Second method: the most lucrative with one more elite

In this second method detailed in the comments under Jay_Ong's video, you will need precise percentage control. You will have to be careful about your damage to monsters. Too much of a percentage, and you'll miss the last elite, and it's precisely the elites that yield the most materials in Chaos Dungeons.


Level 1 :

Kill the monsters quietly, stop at 16%, and then take the portal to the second level.


Level 2 :

In this level, you will see seven elites and a boss. Here you have to be precise.

When you kill the elites, try to take as few monsters as possible with them to control your percentages better. The boss of the level appears between 46% and 50%. On the boss's death, you must be below 53% before immediately taking the portal to the third level.


Level 3:

In this level, usually, you have three crystals to destroy and, therefore, three elites to kill. But if you took the portal from the previous level below 53%, you could have the 4th crystal, so an additional elite and ultimately more components. If you took it at 53% or more, you would only have three crystals.

Finally, as in the first method, arrived at around 98-99%, group all the monsters in the room and launched your most significant attack to kill as many as possible and virtually exceed the 100% expected. Don't forget your loot before leaving the dungeon.



Should Chaos Dungeons be done in groups?

You are free to do your dungeons in groups to go faster if you wish. Still, most players stubbornly finish the room before moving on to the next one and do not consider the final wave of the third level to group together for the last percentages. This will prevent you from recovering your materials optimally.

It's only handy if you're not focused on your dungeon and prefer to let your companions do the work. Especially since you don't gain more materials in a group and the monsters have more hit points in groups. It's for you to see.


In conclusion

You guessed it, chaos dungeons are entirely based on the elites to be killed and the percentage to be achieved, or even virtually exceeded, to maximize your gains on Lost Ark. Of course, you don't have to follow these explanations, but if you've ever experienced the moment when you lack so few materials to level up your equipment, you should give it a try.

Finally, if you want to complete your chaos dungeons even faster, we remind you that the Preemptive Strike engraving is particularly excellent in chaos dungeons.


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