NBA 2K23: All the Difficulty Modes and How to Change Them?

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NBA 2K23 has different difficulty levels for everyone that you can pick and match with how you like to play the game. Here are all the difficulty options and how to change the difficulty in NBA 2K23, so you can find the best way to play!


NBA 2K23: All the Difficulty Modes and How to Change Them?

All NBA 2K23 difficulty modes

Here are all the NBA 2K23 difficulty modes, explained to help you choose how hard you want to play your game.

1. Rookie

Rookie is the lowest difficulty option in NBA 2K23. If you are new to the NBA 2K series, you should start with the Rookie difficulty. This will give you an introduction to the game and how the in-game systems work. The Rookie modes wherein your chance of winning could most of the time be bigger than losing.

2. Semi-Pro

The Semi-Professional or Semi-Pro mode is the newest addition to the difficulties players can choose from in NBA 2K23. You can select this mode if you are somewhat comfortable playing the NBA title but are still unsure of making it big. Here, your chance of winning could, most of the time, be bigger than losing.

3. Pro

Pro is the standard difficulty in NBA 2K23. This difficulty is for players who are used to the game and like a bit of challenge without it being too overpowering. Playing the Pro difficulty is where you'll have a 50/50 chance of winning games.

4. All-Star

The All-Star mode is the even harder mode to deal with. If you like to stand your ground and know the ins and outs of the game, then this mode is for you. The quality of the AIs of your teammates and opponents in the All-Star mode is greatly increased, making every game feel like it's the playoffs.

5. Superstar

In the Superstar mode, you should not just be an expert but a master of the game. In layman's terms, this difficulty defines the difficult mode in games. Your opponents and teammates' AIs are all geniuses who could bring out the best in you. You will need a lot of patience here because you would need to grind to progress in the Superstar mode.

6. Hall of Fame

Last but not least is what every NBA player dreams of when they retire. The toughest mode there is, this mode will challenge you to the max. The Hall of Fame mode is best for veteran players who know the game on the back of their hand. Playing in the Hall of Fame mode is recommended for those who have played the NBA 2K games in the past at the highest level possible.

How to change the difficulty in NBA 2K23?

change the difficulty


Now that you know all the difficulty modes and who it is for, you can change the difficulty if you wish.

1. Hit start to get to the Settings in MyCareer.
   You'll be able to get here after you've created a build in this mode.

2. Click on the following Options/Quit > Settings > Difficulty
   The difficulty is the very first option in the Settings menu.

3. Set the difficulty to your liking.
   The choices include Rookie, Semi-Pro, All-Star, Superstar, and Hall of Fame, in that order.

You can adjust the difficulty at any point in this menu, and the default setting for NBA 2K23 is Pro. We recommend not setting the difficulty very low as it takes all the fun away from the game.

Why change the difficulty in NBA 2K23?

The main reason to change your difficulty in NBA 2K23 is to test how much you have improved in playing the game.

Also, if you're trying to make some extra VC and you feel like your skills are good enough, you'll be able to change the difficulty for your MyCareer Mode, allowing you to start making some extra bank quickly. Depending on the difficulty, you'll find that you'll receive more or less VC and MyPOINTS, which can help you level up your character quicker, as well as get your hands on some excellent cosmetic items.

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