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There have been many recent discussions about whether Bestiary will be added to the core game or removed entirely. It comes down to a question of what the core of Path of Exile is, and whether or not Beastcrafting is the direction that GGG wants to take the game. With that in mind, let's find out what makes the game tick, and Discover What Lies within PoE.



Recent Additions and GGG Mindset

Recently there have been two major changes to Path of Exile, in terms of potentially long term gameplay. War for the Atlas came out along with Abyss league, and there was no pretense about whether or not it would be sticking around. While league mechanics such as Bestiary may not ‘go core,’ expansions like War for the Atlas always do.


On the other side, Bestiary was added as a league mechanic; a league mechanic with an incredible amount of work put into it mind you, but a league mechanic nonetheless. This meant that throughout the entire league there was a conversation regarding whether or not the mechanic was good enough to add to the core game.


War for the Atlas Overview

War for the Atlas came as an expansion alongside the Abyss league, five months ago. What it offered was an addition to the end game content of Path of Exile; a new ‘final’ boss to fight alongside the Shaper – the Elder, four new Guardians, and a slew of new monsters and maps. The biggest change was the addition of influence across each player’s atlas. The Shaper and Elder would literally fight for control across your atlas and clearing a map one of them controlled would make the other stronger. These culminated in the addition of several high-level fights.


There are two major things that really changed in War for the Atlas. More mobs from the Elder and Shaper influence, and the addition of new incredibly strong rare items. The important part here is that both of those were power creep and things that players enjoy. More mobs? Good. More cool stuff to collect? Good. Players enjoyed the additions, even if some thought that it was too much power creep. The vast majority simply enjoyed having more content to plow through. The Elder influence has become so strong that people have even developed incredibly complex ways to keep Elder influence on their maps all the time. And the new rares have been build enabling in many cases.


The content added in War for the Atlas didn’t infringe on any existing part of Path of Exile, it simply added more content. Most importantly, it added content in a way that players enjoyed interacting with. Having Elder influence on your map doesn't change the map, it just makes more mobs on that map. It doesn't force you to do anything differently, just rewards you more for doing the same content. The in-game currency is available at the professional online gaming house. The interested gamers can buy poe exalted orbs from those professional online gaming houses in the most affordable cost.

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